Response to COVID-19

Spectra Oxygen Limited has been providing reliable service across Bangladesh during Covid 19. It has been offering medical oxygen cylinders, the opportunity to lease them and the accessories for covid patients through fourteen sales centres in the country; making it easier for many to access the supply of oxygen from home.

Safety Comes First

The Spectra Group is dedicated to the well-being of its employees. The safety of workers on construction sites and in the workplace is a top priority. By integrating employee health and safety into the group's business success, the company has made project sites accident-free. In addition, regardless of the location or scope of the projects, Spectra Group is committed to conducting all of its operations systematically and safely so that they do not endanger the environment.


Ayesha Mosque, Paturia, Manikganj

The Honorable Chairman of the Spectra Group took the generous initiative to build a magnificent mosque in Paturia, Bangladesh's Manikganj District, which is named "Ayesha Mosque" and is open to the public for five-time prayers throughout the day.

K Ali Khan Bhaban Nali Bararia Krishna Chandra High School Manikganj

With the belief that education is the cornerstone to economic development, Spectra Group established a high school in Manikganj to fulfil the dreams of the underprivileged, help them soar a good education and to balance the literacy level in the district.