Sheikh Hasina Software Technology Park

Contract no.: Package No. JSTP-WD2, JSTP-WD5 & BHTPA-W14

Location: Nazir Shngkorpur Road., Jashore

Find Authority: US$36 million

Contract Value: US$36 million

Sheikh Hasina Software Technology Park is one of the prominent projects of Spectra Group. The new tech park inaugurated in 2013 accommodates state-of-the-art facilities to effectively serve the purpose of data extraction and act as a backup in case the first server station in Gazipur faces any issue.

This new horizon of prospect in the Bangladesh ICT sector covers an area of 232 thousand square feet. It includes a 15 storied MTB building, a modern convention centre, 12 storied three-star standard dormitory building, and an underground parking. Utilizing highly advanced machines and techniques, Spectra Group has enabled safety, security and comfort inside the park premises. The company had involved a very well qualified team of engineers, designers and professionals to efficiently develop the Software Technology Park.