River Bank Protection and Rehabilitation Work of Betil Spur-1 at BRE

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Location: Belkuchi, Sirajganj

Fund Authority: Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Contract Value:

As part of the River Bank Protection and Rehabilitation Work under the funding of Asian Development Bank (ADB), Spectra Group was awarded the project of the rehabilitation work of Betil Spur-1 BRE. With the utilization of a complete range of world class construction equipment that matches global performance standards, the Group has completed the development of the project.

The scope of the project involved earthwork, manufacturing and supplying of CC blocks, placing/dumping and supplying of boulders and hard rocks, san filled synthetic and geo-bags, geotextile filter and many more. The design and the structure of the barrier developed with cutting-edge machineries facilitates maximum prevention from river bank erosion and flood.