Kalurghat to Chaktai Road Construction Project

Contract no.: Package no. 01

Location: Kalurghat to Chaktai Road, Chittagong

Fund Authority: GOB

Contract Value: US$26.8 million

The Kalurghat to Chaktai Road Construction project is being implemented by Spectra Engineers Limited at present. The road, which will be completed at a cost of BDT2.27 billion (US$26.8 million), will connect Chaktai to the Kalurghat bridge on the west bank of the river Karnaphuli.

The 24 foot high embankment-road will feature four lanes with an 80 foot width. At the mouths of 12 canals, a total of 12 high-tide protection regulators and pump-houses will be erected to immediately evacuate rain water from the city area to canals. If the marine drive is built, cars headed for Chittagong’s north and northeastern regions from the southeast will be able to access the district’s Kaptai, Rangunia, and Boalkhali upazilas without having to pass through the city.