Construction of Khulna Bypass Road under Rupsha Bridge Construction Project

Contract no.:

Location: Rupsa Bridge, Khulna

Fund Authority:

Contract Value: US$9.52 million

The construction of the Khulna Bypass road under the Rupsa Bridge Construction Project is a prominent project of Spectra Group, completed within a timeframe of 3 years from September 2003 to November 2006. The project valued at US$9.52 million has completed construction of embankment, pavement, hard shoulder, culverts and all other related and ancillary works.

Through much emphasis on garnering and utilizing world-class equipment, the road is built with optimum rigidity to ensure sustainability and durability. A fundamental aspect of the development of the road was to enhance communication among different surrounding areas and improve society in terms of quality of life, accessibility, mobility as well as increase land and road productivity.