Chattogram City Water Logging Mitigation Project

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Location: Chittagong

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Spectra Engineers Limited, one of the concerns of Spectra Group, is presently working under Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB). Regulators in 40 city canals and around 2.7 kilometers of retaining wall will be built as part of the project.

The aim of this project is to alleviate the city of Chittagong’s water logging problem, reducing saline water incursion, strengthening the city’s drainage infrastructure, and making the city flood-free. Aside from that, a 27.497km flood wall with a 1km slope protection will be built, and 100 pumps with generators will be erected in ten major canals, including the Chaktai, Moheshkhal, and Rajakhali. Understanding the vitality of the project and involving highly skillful engineers and advanced machines, Spectra Group is working relentlessly to successfully mitigate the port city’s water logging issues.