4–Laning of Dhaka-Chattagram Highway Project

Contract no.: Package 01

Location: Daudkandi Toll Plaza to Kutumbapur

Fund Authority:

Contract Value: US$57.9 million

The construction of a road from Daudkandi Toll Plaza to Kutumbapur under the 4–Laning of Dhaka-Chittagong Highway Project is a notable, lucrative project of Spectra Group. Using a comprehensive range of exceptionally functional equipment, the company has performed the entire construction work.

The works that were included in the contract were the pristine construction of road embankment, pavement, hard shoulder, bridges and culverts, bituminous pavement and more. Moreover, Spectra Group has also supported in maintenance and reconstruction activities including profile of existing 2-lane pavement, introducing median and divider, Asphalt concrete overlay, road safety and ancillary works. The project valued at US$57.9 million was completed within a timeframe of 6 years, from January 2010 to June 2016.